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"A Threefold Paradox of the Cross"

John 12:20-26

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Jack Powell 7/9/2023

"Where Do I Fit in the Puzzle"

1 Corinthians 12

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Doctor Mike Wegener 5/7/2023

"This is the Gospel: Christ Rose from the Grave"

Mark 15:40-16:8; 1 Cor. 15:12-28

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Pastor Allen Mustian 4/9/2023

"This is the Gospel: Christ Died for Our Sins"

Mark 15:16-39

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Pastor Allen Mustian 4/2/2023

"Resurrection Essentials"

John 11:1-17

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Pastor John Sanders 3/26/2023

"Pulling Back the Curtain"

Revelation 21:1-8

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Dr. Charles Quarles

"Do You Work Out?"

Phillipians 2:12-18

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 John Sanders 2/05/2023

"Your Days Are Numbered So Number Your Days"

Psalm 90

(Full Service Video)

Pastor Allen Mustian 1/1/2023

Christmas Service

Luke 2:21-35

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Pastor Allen Mustian 12/25/2022

"Not Your Typical Race"

Hebrews 12:1-3

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Pastor Allen Mustian 10/02/22022

"The Death of a Nation"

Psalm 9:15-20

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Dr. Charles Quarles 07/10/2022

"The Strongman of Israel"

Judges 13-16

(Full Service Video)

Dr. Scott Kellum 07/03/2022

"A Gift for Mom on Mothers Day"

1 Tim 3:2, Eph 5:25-33, 1Pet 3:7

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Dr. Scott Kellum 05/08/2022

"The Qualifications of the Pastor (part 4)"

2 Timothy 1 -7

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Dr. Charles Quarles 05/01/2022


"The Qualifications of the Pastor (part 3)"

2 Timothy 1 -7

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Dr. Charles Quarles 04/24/2022

"Breaking the Curse"

Galatians 3:10-14

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Dr. Charles Quarles 04/10/2022

All We Need"

2 Peter 1:1-11

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Pastor Allen Mustian 04/03/2022

The "Call" of the Pastor

1 Timothy 3:1-7

(Full Service Video)

Dr. Charles Quarles 03/27/2022

"Paul - A Model for Ministry"

Acts 20:17-38

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Dr. Charles Quarles 03/20/2022

"The Last Supper"

Luke 22:13-23

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Dr. Charles Quarles 03/13/2022

"The Gospel According to Matthew"

Matthew 1:1

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Dr. Charles Quarles

"Even the Rocks Cry Out"

1 Peter 2:1-10

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Pastor Allen Mustian


"Moving Forward During a Transition"

Hebrews 10

(Audio (Full Service Video)

Dr. John Ewart 1/09/2022

"Staying on Track During A Transition"

Colossians 3

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Dr. John Ewart 1/02/2022

"Following Our Faithful Father"

Proverbs 3:5-6

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Pastor Randy Mann 11/07/2021

Acts 1:1-11

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Terry Long 8/29/21

"God's Passion"

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Mark 3

Chuck Register

"And Out Came This Calf"

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Exodus 32

Pastor Allen Mustian 8/15/2021

Calvary Road Ministry

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

David Crane

"Continuing the Work"

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

2 Timothy 1-13

Pastor Randy Mann


"Watch Where You're Going"

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Hebrews 12:1-2

Brian Upchurch

"Some Things Must Never Change"

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Acts 2:42

Pastor Randy Mann 05/30/21

John 7:37-39

(Audio) (Full Service Video)

Dr. Michael Cloer 4/11/21

"Finding Certain Comfort in Uncertain Times"

Isaiah 40

Pastor Randy Mann 11/1/20

"Seeing God's Perspective In Desperate Times"

Isaiah 6:1-13

Dr. J Chris Schofield 9/20/20

"Give Praise to Our Faithful God"

Psalm 138

Pastor Randy Mann 5/24/2020

"Are you Satisfied?

Pastor Randy Mann 3/22/2020

"The Great Commission"

Scott Hildreth 12/08/2019

"Frailty's Fix is Faith"

Pastor Allen Mustian 11/10/2019

"Message from Uganda"

Selvin Jeremiadoss 10/06/2019

"Daniel 1"

John Mark Sanders 8/11/2019

"Remove the Stones" Isaiah 62:1-12

Dr. John Ewart 6/23/19

"Looking at the Lord's Supper" 1 Corinthians 11

Pastor Randy Mann 6/9/19

"How do we glorify God?" John 15:1-8

Pastor Allen Mustian  6/2/2019

"Slogans and Symbols" or "Purpose and Process"  Matthew 4:19

Pastor Randy Mann 5/26/2019

"Sent for a Purpose" Luke 10:1-12

Shannon Kelly 5/19/2019

"Resurrection Power and a Resurrection Promise" Romans 8:1-11

Pastor Randy Mann  4/21/19 Easter

"The Word of God's Great Invitation" Isaiah 55

Pastor Allen Mustian 3/3/2019

"Has God Forgotten Me?" Exodus 1:8-14

Dr. Ken Keathley  2/24/2019

"Help is on the Way" Psalm 27

John Sanders 12/30/2018

"Our Final Victory" Acts 4

Finney Matthews 10/14/2018

"Obedience, The True Mark of Jesus' Disciples" James 1:19-25

Dr. Randy Mann 5/27/2018

"You're Not...But I Am."

John Sanders 5/13/2018


"The Hand, The Plan and The Command"

Jared Jones 3/18/2018

"Looking at the Lord's Supper"

Dr. Randy Mann 2/11/2018


"Do You Really Love Jesus?" John 14:15

Dr. Randy Mann     9/3/2017


"Giving: How Corrupt Worship False Worship Leads to Dead Works" Exodus 32:1-6

Pastor Dustin Nally 6/18/2017


"Every Member Worshiping - Boldly Approaching the Throne of Grace" Hebrews 4:16

Dr. Randy Mann 6/11/2017 


"Which "one" are you Living For?" Philippians 2:1-4

Dr. Randy Mann 6/4/2017


"Finding Ultimate Satisfaction in Christ" Jeremiah 17:5-10

Pastor Dustin Nally 10/23/2016


"Dying of Thirst and Digging Dry Hole" Jeremiah 2:1-13

Dr. Randy Mann 9/4/2016


"Let Freedom Ring" Romans 6

Dr. Randy Mann 7/3/2016


"Pride, Providence, and the Plan of God" Genesis 11:1-9

Pastor Allen Mustian 6/27/2016


"Follow the Lead/r" Luke 6:39-40

Pastor Dustin Nally 6/19/2016


"That I May Know Him" Easter Service Philippians. 3:10-11

Dr. Randy Mann 3/27/2016


"It Is Well With My Soul" A Lord's Supper Observance

Dr. Randy Mann 3/21/2016


"Where's Your Focus?" 1 Kings 18-19

Dr. Randy Mann 1/31/2016


"Taking Spiritual Inventory" 2 Timothy 4:6-8

Dr. Randy Mann 12/27/2015


"Fulfilled Promises and Unusual Places" Micah 5:1-6

Dr. Randy Mann 12/6/2015

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