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"Faithful to the End" Acts 18:17-31

Pastor Randy Mann 5/20/2018

"God Keeps His Promises. Will You?" Acts 27:1-28:16

Pastor Allen Mustian 5/06/2018

"The Power Behind a Faithful Witness" Acts 25 1-26:32

Pastor Dustin Nally 4/22/2018

"The Unseen Hand" Acts 23:12 - 24:27

Dr. Randy Mann 4/15/2018

"You'll Never Walk Alone" Acts 21:27 - 22:21

Dr. Randy Mann 4/8/2018

"The Disciple-Maker's One-Track Mind" Acts 21 1-26

Dr. Randy Mann 3/25/2018

"Lessons for the Church" Acts 20:17-38

Dr. Randy Mann 3/11/2018

"When Jesus is Exalted" Acts 19:11-41

Dr. Randy Mann 3/4/2018

"Discipleship: Bringing the Word to Lives" Acts 18:23-19:10

Dr. Randy Mann 2/25/18


"God is Building His Church" Acts 18:1-22

Dr. Randy Mann 2/18/2018


"The Mark of a Faithful Proclaimer" Acts 17:16-34

Dr. Randy Mann 2/4/2018


"Faithful to Proclaim" Acts 17:1-15

Dr. Randy Mann 1/28/2018


"The Gospel Brings Freedom" Acts 16:16-40

Dr. Randy Mann     1/21/2018


"The Holy Spirit's Program of Evangelism" Acts 15:36-16:15

Dr. Randy Mann     1/14/2018


"Grace Alone" Acts 15:1-35

Dr. Randy Mann 1/7/2018


"Are You Satisfied in God?" Psalm 42

Dr. Randy Mann 8/27/2017


"The Cost of the Gospel" Acts 14:1-28

Pastor Allen Mustian 8/20/2017


"The Gospel Relevant for All People" Acts 13:13-52

Pastor Dustin Nally 8/13/2017


"The Spirit's Work in God's Global Mission" Acts 12:25-13:12

Dr. Randy Mann 8/6/2017


"There is a God. You are Not Him" Acts 12:20-24

Dr. Randy Mann 7/31/2017


"God's Faithfulness to Protect His Mission" Acts 12:1-19

Pastor Dustin Nally 7/23/2017


"A World Changing Church" Acts 11:19-30

Pastor Allen Mustian 7/16/2017


"If God welcomes You, You are Welcome!" Acts 11:1-18

Dr. Randy Mann 7/9/2017


"The Gospel is for All People" Acts 10

Dr. Randy Mann 7/3/2017


"Jesus Alone Can Heal - Jesus Alone Can Save" Acts 9:32-43

Dr. Randy Mann 5/21/2017


"The Challenges of a Transformed Life" Acts 9:23-31

Dr. Randy Mann 5/14/2017


"Jesus Died for Us" Acts 9:1-22

Dr. Randy Mann 5/7/2017


"Surrendered and Sent" Acts 8:26-40

Dr. Randy Mann 4/30/2017


"The Church Advancing. . ." Acts 8:1b-25

Dr. Randy Mann 4/23/2017


"More Than a History Lesson" Acts 6:8-7:53

Dr. Randy Mann 4/9/2017


"Hindrances to the Gospel Movement" Acts 6:1-7

Pastor Dustin Nally  3/26/2017


"Evidence of the Holy Spirit's Work" Acts 5:12-42

Dr. Randy Mann 3/19/2017


"Speaking for Our Sovereign God" Acts 4:23-31

Dr. Randy Mann


"Proclaiming the Name" Acts 4:1-22

Dr. Randy Mann


"God's Promise - Our Response" Acts 3:17-26

Dr. Randy Mann 2/19/2017


"Be - Do - Tell" Acts 3:1-16

Dr. Randy Mann 2/12/2017


"The Spirit-Transformed Church" Acts 2:42-47

Dr. Randy Mann 2/5/2017


"Jesus: Lord and Messiah" Acts 2:14-41

Pastor Allen Mustian 1/29/2017


"The Inaugural Work of the Holy Spirit" Acts 2:1-13

Pastor Dustin Nally  1/22/2017


"Empowered to Share" Acts 1:1-11

Dr. Randy Mann 1/15/2017


"The Forgotten God" Acts 1:1-5

Dr. Randy Mann 1/1/2017 

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